William Criminisi



William Criminisi was admitted to the Association of Chartered Accountants of Milan in 2021 and has been member of the Italian Register of Statutory Auditors since 2023.

He graduated (cum laude) in Law and Business Administration from Bocconi University, with a Master’s thesis entitled “Hybrid Mismatch Arrangements in International Tax Law”, selected as the winner of the Albert J Rädler Medal Award 2019 for academic excellence in European taxation by the Confédération Fiscale Européenne – CFE Tax Advisers Europe (Bruxelles). He obtained the Advanced Professional Certificate in International Taxation from IBFD (Amsterdam) and also attended several courses abroad in international taxation.

He joined Maisto e Associati in 2020, after attending the Course on Domestic and International Corporate Taxation organised by the Firm.

His practice mainly focuses on corporate and group taxation, mergers and acquisitions and international tax law.


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