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EU Tax Alert

  • 08-11-2019 EU TAX ALERT 2019/07
    The Italian Supreme Court issues a decision dealing with the abuse of the Parent-Subsidiary Directive and the subject-to-tax requirement
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  • 19-06-2019 EU TAX ALERT 2019/06

    Cases C-608/17, Holmen and C-607/17, Memira Holding

    The CJEU rules on the notion of “final losses”

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  • 02-05-2019 EU TAX ALERT 2019/05

    Case C-598/17, A-Fonds

    CJEU rules on the interaction between State Aid rules and the fundamental freedoms

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  • 14-03-2019 EU TAX ALERT 2019/04
    EU Commission published customs guidelines in connection with possible no deal Brexit
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  • 26-02-2019 EU TAX ALERT 2019/03
    Joined cases C-115/16, C-118/16, C-119/16 and C-299/16 and joined cases C-116/16 and C-117/16

    The CJEU rules on the abuse of the Interest and Royalty Directive and of the Parent Subsidiary Directive
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  • 25-01-2019 EU TAX ALERT 2019/02
    EU Commission referred Italy to the CJEU for its failure to amend its beneficial tax regime regarding property registration tax
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  • 14-01-2019 EU TAX ALERT 2019/01
    Italian Supreme Court requires effective taxation of dividends in the Member State of the parent company for the withholding tax exemption under the EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive to apply
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  • 11-12-2018 EU TAX ALERT 2018/18
    The Court of Justice of the EU confirmed the possibility for the UK to unilaterally withdraw from the Brexit
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  • 04-12-2018 EU TAX ALERT 2018/17
    AG opines on the possibility for the UK to unilaterally withdraw from the Brexit, while the ECOFIN does not find an agreement on the Digital Services Tax
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  • 05-10-2018 EU TAX ALERT 2018/16
    ECOFIN reached agreement on VAT “quick fixies”
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